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Prices are displayed to you when you enter the site in the currency we used for the country indicated by your computer’s IP address.
The prices displayed  in the website are excluding the GST and other taxes.

All relevant import taxes and duties will be included in the product price displayed on the website (where the individual product or total order value is over the relevant country duty threshold).

LE MEILLEUR.CO.IN will account to the relevant authorities for all duty payable. If you believe that you have been overcharged for duty please contact +91 7836031178 or send an email at  and we will be happy to investigate the position and refund as appropriate any difference.

We aim to deliver your chosen items to the place and person of your choice, in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time. Our delivery charges are dependent on your shipping destination. Please refer to our delivery section to view timing and costs. All purchases are insured by us while in transit until it is delivered to you. If you wish to track your parcel, please refer to the email you were sent containing your tracking number or alternatively email us at and we will track your shipment for you.

Please order from LE MEILLEUR.CO.IN with enough lead-time to prevent any loss or disappointment resulting from the delivery time as LE MEILLEUR.CO.IN cannot be responsible for this.
If your order will not be delivered within the timeframe specified at ordering we will notify you and try to rectify the situation as quickly as is practically possible.

All new orders are deemed separate and each is treated individually.